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The Bridgewell Sessions Vol. 2 — Meet our panel of business succession specialists

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Most entrepreneurs dream of founding, operating and growing a thriving business. Few will ever produce a start-up plan that accounts for their eventual exit. That’s because business succession planning is often de-emphasized or overlooked when day-to-day operations and expansion are a leader’s top priority.

A better approach is to plan ahead, building your business on the assumption that you’ll eventually sell to an outside buyer or your employees, or transition it to the next generation. Delaying or ignoring that process only increases the risk that you’ll overlook market-driven exit opportunities.

And as so many entrepreneurs learn, time flies when you’re having fun building and running a company. Before they know it, many CEOs have missed crucial windows to prepare their business for a sale. The Bridgewell Sessions Volume 2—How to Succeed at Business Succession—will address these issues, and many more.

Exiting a business with your financial wellness in mind

Hosted by Bridgewell Financial Partner Chad Tranter, the interactive webinar—on February 16th 2022 at 12 pm—will help you understand three of the most important considerations when planning a business exit: the corporate structuring and tax implications of a business sale or transfer; what it takes to maximize the value of a business through proactive reorganization or strategic decision-making; and navigating the typically complex team and family communications that are required when you decide to leave your business behind.

You can register for the event here. Our panel of succession specialists will explain how to avoid common pitfalls, while highlighting the many reasons why an effective succession strategy is an important part of long-term financial planning, wealth management and financial wellness.

Their expertise and experience in the field will make this a must-attend session for business owners and their families, along with professional service providers such as accountants, lawyers, financial advisors and business brokers.

Let’s meet the experts:

Brad Nathan, Lynx Equity

Brad Nathan, President, Lynx Equity Limited

Brad has built a career acquiring, growing and selling successful small to medium-sized businesses in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. He’s worked with countless entrepreneurs and regularly advises on pre-sale issues such as financial compliance and reorganizations, exit strategies and operational improvements designed to optimize sale prices.

The latter is particularly important for CEOs who often need to formalize processes, remove themselves from day-to-day operations or sign long-term contracts with customers or key talent to enhance the value of their businesses.

Brad will outline these and other necessary steps to prepare a business for sale—while explaining why the current seller’s market could be the right time for some CEOs to exit their companies.


Phil Kriszenfeld, President, Transitions Mediation and Consulting Group

Phil has been supporting business-owning families for more than 30 years. His focus on helping clients manage communications and navigate inter-personal relationships is designed to enhance business performance and value. He’s well-versed in the disruptive realities of boardroom conflict, especially when relatives quarrel or fail to reach consensus on key issues. As such, Phil is deeply committed to helping family businesses function better by facilitating ongoing discussion. He delves into the sources of tension and, when necessary, provides effective mediation that de-escalates disputes before they can pose an operational or financial threat. His work is centred on helping families build mutual trust and understanding each other’s values. Those are critical considerations when developing a business succession strategy that not only communicates your intentions to family, but includes employees and other stakeholders in the process, as well. Phil will share anecdotes from the field and tactics that he uses to help multi-generational businesses prepare for an exit or transition.


Jim MacGowan, President, J. MacGowan Tax Advisory LimitedJim MacGowan, President, J. MacGowan Tax Advisory Limited

As a long-time public accountant, Jim has helped a diverse group of private company owners/shareholders develop corporate structuring, tax and estate strategies that position them for an effective business exit. He’ll explain why entrepreneurs need a customized business succession plan that takes everything from their personal financial circumstances to their lifestyle goals into account.

As Jim will point out, there are many tax and legal factors to consider when developing a succession plan, most of which are complex and change over an organization’s life cycle. Simply determining how a corporation is structured and how shares are held by its owners, for example, can require regular attention and new approaches. That’s before considering the implementation of potentially tax-efficient structures such as family trusts. We look forward to Jim sharing his technical expertise and practical advice.

So, be sure to join us for the Bridgewell Sessions Volume 2, and great ready to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to (eventually) say goodbye to your business.

The Bridgewell team

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