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When it comes to corporate insurance, you need strategic decision-making guidance to protect key people within your organization. 

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That evolve with your business

Our corporate insurance solutions protect your business from a sudden loss or incapacity of a key leader—providing the certainty you need to plan with confidence—while helping you build a more robust benefit and total compensation structure that positions your organization for growth. 

Whether yours is a family business that requires succession planning, or has a complex shareholder agreement that requires review and enhancements to avoid structural pitfalls, our team has the expertise to help you develop a flexible strategy designed to maintain business continuity and set the stage for an organized business leadership transition.


Built on service

The Bridgewell team is committed to helping you build a customized corporate insurance portfolio designed to help you attract talent, improve organizational planning and boost your bottom line.

OUR Corporate Insurance Solutions

Key person life, disability and critical illness insurance

The loss of a senior decision-maker or key person can be devastating for an organization. Our life and disability insurance solutions are designed to provide financial certainty in the event of a leader’s untimely death or disability

Shareholder agreement

Our analysis and consultation process audits your corporate shareholder agreements to ensure proper structuring for tax purposes, while advising on key estate planning opportunities

Executive planning

Attracting top leadership talent requires a well-designed total compensation strategy. Our solutions help you build a rounded benefit program that aids executive recruitment and retention

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