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Our customized insurance solutions are designed to provide financial security and mitigate risk—helping business leaders and professionals rest easy knowing they have complete life, long-term disability and critical illness coverage in case the unexpected happens.

Financial certainty

For your personal and professional life

Protecting your family and ensuring their financial needs are met in the event of a catastrophic accident or an untimely passing is our top priority. We take an integrated approach that delivers reliable financial security by looking at the full spectrum of life insurance solutions—from term life for risk management, to more permanent, asset-based options using life insurance as a tax-mitigation tool. 

Insurance advice you can trust

Our team brings decades of combined experience and expertise to every engagement. We provide effective guidance by taking the time to listen, understand your needs and financial priorities, while always working to broaden your perspectives by highlighting the full range of insurance options available to you and your family. 

OUR Personal insurance services

Disability Insurance

A steep decline or loss of income due to illness or injury can create major financial challenges. The right disability insurance program can help you reduce risk and guarantee continued income in the event of a serious illness or accident

Life Insurance

You shouldn’t have to worry about worst-case scenarios. Our team is committed to helping you protect your family or business interests with a well-structured life insurance plan tailored to your unique financial circumstances

Critical Illness Insurance

When you or a loved one becomes critically ill, the focus should be on spending precious moments together and recovering—not worrying about finances. Critical illness insurance can replace income and provide access to medical care not covered by group or government insurance plans, delivering financial flexibility when you need it most 

Long-term Care Insurance

The cost of long-term care is growing significantly as Canada’s population ages—and pressure on the public health system will only continue to mount. Work with our team to build a long-term care insurance plan that provides certainty and delivers golden-year comfort to you and your spouse

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