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Support the Bridgewell team as we fundraise for the Sunrise Challenge

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CAMH Sunrise Challenge

One of our core values at Bridgewell Financial is to give back to the community, as often an in as many varied ways as we can. That explains why we support a range of causes each year. One of our favourites is the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health—an organization dedicated to helping Canadians address their acute mental health challenges, while also working to enhance their overall wellness in countless ways. Now, and for the second year in a row, we’re excited to be waking up early in support of CAMH’s Sunrise Challenge.

This week, we’ll be rising at dawn each day to greet the morning as we work towards meeting (and hopefully exceeding) our $3,000 fundraising goal. You can follow us on the Bridgewell LinkedIn page where we’ll be posting daily photos of our sleepy-eyed team’s daybreak shots.

You can make a donation to our team here.

Every donation will go towards supporting the CAMH’s ground-breaking research and treatment for thousands of people living with mental illness, including addiction. According to the organization, mental illness challenges affect one in five Canadians each year, while about 50 per cent of the population will have experienced some form of mental illness by the time they reach age 40.

Why we rise

Part of the Sunrise Challenge is asking Canadians to explain ‘why they rise’ in support of CAMH. Perhaps they have a loved one who has experienced an acute mental health crisis or some form of addiction. Maybe they struggle with a mental health condition, such as depression, themselves. The point is to raise awareness and remember that building and maintaining a strong mental health support network is a benefit to us all. That’s especially true as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, where so many Canadians were pushed to the mental health brink due to prolonged lockdowns, social distancing restrictions and, in some cases, illness and financial hardship.

While we deliver group benefits, insurance and wealth and financial planning solutions to our clients, our focus is on helping them achieve wellness in every aspect of their lives—starting with their personal and professional finances and extending to their health and overall well-being. As all of us learn more about the importance of delivering adequate mental health care, the urgency to fund and highlight the work of organizations such as the CAMH grows ever greater. So, we encourage you to support our team as we set our alarm clocks early, share photos of the rising sun and work together to fundraise for a great cause.

The Bridgewell Team  

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