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Meet the Bridgewell Financial team: Amr Galal

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Since founding Bridgewell Financial, we’ve been lucky to work with many outstanding service providers from across the financial services industry. We’ve built strong connections and forged relationships that are helping our clients achieve financial wellness in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. We’ve even had the opportunity to welcome one of those like-minded individuals into the Bridgewell family.

In the second installment of our Meet the Bridgewell Team blog series, we introduce you to our Benefits and Savings Program Consultant Amr Galal—an industry colleague for many years who made the decision to join Bridgewell not long after our firm’s launch. He explains why he came aboard, what he believes are some of our key differentiators as a financial services firm and shares a few details about his personal passions.

Can you provide a few details about your professional background?

Prior to joining Bridgewell, I spent 11 years at Medcan, helping develop a range of health care solutions delivered to many of Canada’s most prominent corporations and leaders. I’ve been on the leading edge of health care throughout my career, including in areas like prevention, diagnostics and in the health and well-being space.

When it comes to delivering health and well-being solutions to our group benefits clients, our firm can lean on the more than 10 years of experience I have liaising with doctors, clinics, vendors and industry providers. That experience underpins what Bridgewell is trying to do in terms of supplying clients with great insurance, asset management and group retirement support, while also wrapping a health and wellness layer around it all.

What brought you to Bridgewell?

I’ve known (Bridgewell partners) Mike Tranter and Michael Wortsman for years. We did some business together when I was at Medcan.

While I was at Medcan, I had the opportunity to build our broker channel, where I got to work with hundreds of financial services firms from across Canada. Most do great work, but generally focus solely on their core competencies like group benefits and insurance. Bridgewell looks beyond this by incorporating well-being, which we believe offers a different element to our clients. I also liked that Bridgewell was in start-up mode and needed to be entrepreneurial in their approach. I knew that I’d have a chance to help expand our business in various ways, instead of joining a mature company where I may not have had the same opportunity to grow with like-minded individuals.

How do you support Bridgewell on a daily basis?

I joined the firm as an advisor to help build our group benefits and retirement practice. However, the firm already had close to 300 group clients, so it made sense to also help with the responsibility of managing our existing clients and making sure they had the best possible service and experience. As a newer advisor, group benefits and group savings/retirement programs have a lot of nuance and require significant expertise. By having the opportunity to manage an existing client base, I was able to dive into the Xs and Os of the business and build my acumen in these areas. This experience has allowed me to have more insightful conversations with our clients and prospects and accelerate my learning curve significantly.

What do you like to do away from the office?

I was a sports nut as a kid, so I like to stay active. I still play hockey, volleyball, basketball, and I’m on the golf course whenever I can find the time. Nothing beats a great workout and a little competition with friends to keep things interesting. I also love to travel and recently drove the Pacific Coast Highway from Seattle to San Diego, which I would strongly recommend to anyone.  The rest of the time I can usually be found in the city trying out new restaurants, going to concerts, or just spending time with friends.

The Bridgewell Team

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