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As the healthcare system in Canada struggles to maintain its standard and quality of care, Bridgewell’s Executive Healthcare solutions are designed to close the gap, delivering world-class medical treatment to business leaders.

Not only do our programs provide your executive team with peace of mind should complicated medical issues arise, they act as an effective risk-management tool for your organization. They ensure leaders’ medical needs will be addressed efficiently, helping to reduce further complications or productivity losses due to treatment wait times or uncertainty.

Executive Concierge
Medical Services

Executive Medical


The reality is that the quality of medical care can vary significantly across countries. Our Executive Healthcare packages help to mitigate the risk of ineffective diagnoses, surgeries or treatments by ensuring that your executive team has access to the very best medical professionals or facilities, regardless of their location. Providing that elite level of coverage can mean the difference between a top professional accepting your organization’s offer of employment—or opting for a competitor, and potentially compromising your organization’s ability to service customers or drive international growth.
Most importantly, our packages are fully customizable to align with your organization’s strategic objectives, while helping to attract leadership talent in a tight labour market. Bridgewell’s Executive Healthcare solutions include diagnostic, preventative medicine and acute healthcare coverage for a comprehensive list of conditions and care requirements.

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Approximately 1 in 3 assessments

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of those deemed potentially serious in the short term

Executive Medical

Provide your executive team with access to the most comprehensive medical assessments available in Canada through Medcan, Cleveland Clinic and Telus Clinics. Executive medicals are a common feature in executive benefits strategies for a number of reasons:

  • They help identify and uncover medical issues before they become more serious in nature, providing a comprehensive overview of an individual’s complete state of health. Early detection is the most effective way to prevent serious illness 
  • They protect the organization from unforeseen business disruptions due to serious health events 
  • A healthy and engaged leadership team has a signalling effect to employees, namely that health and well-being are an important part of the success of the organization

Bridgewell medical assessments:

Offer comprehensive medical assessments every 12 months

Deliver a complete picture of current health and provide future health risk identification

Are completed at best-in-class clinics across Canada, offering a 360-degree view of an individual’s health

Include the coordination of any follow up care as required based on findings made during the assessment


Obtaining the right executive healthcare—whether inpatient surgery, a drug-based outpatient intervention or another form of treatment—requires an accurate diagnosis and timely access to diagnostics. Our plans offer access to state-of-the-art diagnostic services in Canada or around the world, ranging from MRIs to CT scans. In some cases, diagnostic services offered under our coverage may be more sophisticated than testing offered by Canada’s public healthcare system. The goal is to provide your executive team with clarity and confidence that the medical care they’re receiving is the very best available, while helping them maintain productivity when health issues arise. Benefits include expediting diagnostic tests such as CT scans, MRIs or blood screening, along with quick access to medical experts or facilities to fast-track treatment plans—all so your executives can recover from their medical issues in a timely manner.

"Across Canada, patients continue to wait for more than four months for medically necessary treatment."

- Bacchus Barua

Associate director of health policy studies at the Fraser Institute

Executive Concierge
Medical Services

Your executive team is busy. They shouldn’t have to spend their valuable time working to navigate complex healthcare systems. Our Executive Concierge Medical Services plans are designed to help you or your team manage challenging health conditions by providing assistance with complex case management, medical system navigation and the provision of secondary medical opinions—leveraging a global team of medical experts ready to assist at any time.
That includes access to annual medical assessments through top clinics such as Medcan, Telus Clinics and Cleveland Clinic. These advanced screening services take the guesswork out of medical diagnoses, treatment and recovery. Provide your leadership team with access to a full suite of concierge services. They include an international care finder to help locate medical specialists or facilities outside of Canada, along with access to 50,000 leading medical specialists across 450 specialized practice areas, who are available to review diagnostics and develop effective treatment plans. In addition, our personal health navigator services offer condition-specific information developed by registered healthcare professionals to assist with your executives’ medical needs.

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