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Executive Planning and Benefits

Enhanced Income Protection

In most cases, group disability insurance plans are designed for rank-and-file employees, not executives. These plans are typically capped at a maximum payout to employees. Enhanced income protection for executives bypasses those limits, ensuring that your leaders’ income needs are met in case of disability.
Providing adequate insurance coverage is an important aspect of executive planning and one that can help your organization attract and retain top management talent. Our comprehensive plans are focused on delivering tax-efficient solutions that help to enhance key employees’ financial wellness, while delivering peace of mind that their income needs will be covered—no matter the circumstances.

Retirement Compensation Arrangements

Leading executives want to ensure their financial and lifestyle needs will be covered now and into the future. The challenge is that most retirement savings plans are designed for employees, not executives. But you do have options. A well-designed retirement compensation arrangement (RCA) is a flexible tool to attract and retain executives with potentially lucrative supplementary retirement income that exceeds the allowable contributions of a registered retirement savings plan, such as an RRSP. Our RCA services also deliver educational and consulting resources to your leadership team.

Replacement Plans

Provide your executive team with disability income protection that aligns with their current salary and non-salary compensation expectations, along with their lifestyle income needs. The premiums of a wage-loss replacement plan are a stable, tax-deductible business expense that offer your organization complete cost certainty. Another key benefit: your executive team can receive increased net after-tax benefits (compared to a traditional plan) without making direct contributions to the plan.

Guaranteed Standard
Issue Plans

Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) non-medical plans are an effective and tax-efficient tool to provide executives with enhanced disability coverage. Our fully customizable GSI programs offer complete funding flexibility and cost stability. Deliver an elite level of income-protection coverage to your executive team, while establishing the kind of insurance coverage that can help your organization attract and retain leading management professionals.

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